Monocacy National Battlefield in Frederick Maryland

If you have a keen interest in visiting historical sites, especially which have a long history, then Monocacy Battlefield in Fredrick city of Maryland can fill your quest. Its several centuries of history contain many national and local events which make it one of America’s top historical heritage.

If you like to see natural beauties in a historical place, then you can get it here, as it has scenic rolling farmlands that cover 1,647 acres of area and sweeping panoramas along the way of Monocacy River. You will also find many historic buildings as proof of many historical events. Only a few details have been changed to maintain its beauty as well as to preserve the history behind it. Even though it looks like a rural area, it is situated near Fredrick, Maryland and you can visit the south part in less than two miles from there.

You will enjoy the park with great amusement when you do a self-guided auto tour. It contains five top locations directly related to the battle of Monocacy as a stop. The whole track is covered along the public roads, which has a round tip of total six miles. It also offers you seven walking trails having three difficulty levels. You can choose to go on anyone or all the tracks. All you need is to collect the trail guide from the visitor center.

You don’t need to worry if you want some additional activities or want to visit other nearby attractions when you go to the Monocacy National Battlefield because you will get a chance to see the National fallen fighters Memorial park near the Monuments. The War Correspondents Memorial Arch which was constructed in memory of War Correspondents has been updated recently to include warriors who lost their lives in the battle of Afghanistan and Iraq.

In Fredrick Maryland, you can also visit the resting places of Elizabeth Ann Seton, Francis Scott Key, Chief Justice Roger Brooke, and Civil War heroes. Besides, you will find many Historic structures that remind of Frederick County’s role in America. Some of these structures are now turned into museums while others can be seen along the way visiting here.

Going to historical places not only has inspirational effects but it is also very moving & educational. Pay a visit to the Monocacy National Battlefield Park in Fredrick County, Maryland and you will find centuries of American history as well as enjoy the amazing beauties of nature.

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