Now that everything is in place. Now you have excellent website designed in WordPress, with smart branding and a domain name. You have a design that is born out of the niche you chose, you have regular content coming out, and all of that content is directing your visitors to either buy a product, click an ad, or sign up to your mailing list – you’re making money either way.But that’s just the start. Now it’s time to grow. And the good news is that there are some very quick and effective ways to do this.

This chapter is going to share “growth hacks” and advanced Internet marketing strategies. However, it’s not just going to share the usual slew. Rather, it’s going to contain the methods used by the biggest brands in the world, and the key difference between a highly successful small business website, and one that just turns over a little profit before going under.

Growth Hacks

Growth hacks are techniques you can use in order to get ahead when promoting a small business website. They essentially allow you to circumvent the usual gradual trajectory for the popularity of a site and instead to create a much steeper climb.

Here are some examples:

Guest Posts

A guest post is a post that you write
and give for free to another content creator. The idea is that this post then
includes a link back to your website. They get free content, but in exchange,
you get a link that will improve your ranking on Google AND lead to a lot of
direct clicks from that creators’ following. Not only is it a link, but it will
also act as a testimonial of sorts from someone those people trust!

Use Trending Hashtags

When posting to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this makes a huge difference in building Internet marketing endeavors. If you’re not sure what hashtags to use, check out the ones used by your best competitors.

Likewise, creating content based on current trends can be an extremely beneficial small business online marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy
that involves getting someone with a big following to mention your blog (often
called a shoutout). This works extremely well, because you might get a click
from say 10% of that person’s audience. If they have 1 million followers, then
that’s a BIG influx of traffic right there!

Create Link Bait or Click Bait

Link bait or click bait are terms for a post that is so useful and such a great talking point, that you can almost guarantee that people are going to start linking to it for free and thereby providing you with free traffic and an improved reputation in the eyes of Google.

Good examples of link bait include
posts that are complete guides to a subject, as well as those that argue a
controversial point.

Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies

Growth hacks might be popular, but
more important is to take your skills to the next level and to develop the serious, advanced strategies used by major brands and blogs.

An example of this is SEO. SEO can be extremely powerful in helping you to gain more visitors for your website, and especially if you use SEO alongside a large amount of content with affiliate links. Some quick and effective SEO Strategies:

  • Use a tool like Keywordtool.io to find your search terms
  • Be subtle in your use of keywords when writing – 1% density is more than enough
  • Use related terms and synonyms
  • Include the keyword in your opening and closing paragraph, one header, and your page’s title

Another example of an advanced strategy is to create a YouTube channel. This is one of the very best ways to build a relationship with your visitors and to gain more exposure. It can be game changing, if you take the time to create a successful channel.

Finally, make sure that you spend a lot of time and effort on branding. The key to a highly successful brand is to ensure that as soon as someone looks at your website or your logo, they know if it is going to appeal to them.


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